Given two people with the same age, race, ethnicity, blood pressure, cholesterol, and family history of heart disease, who is considered a high risk patient?


What Doctors are Saying about CardioHealth Station



Dr. Allen Taylor presents at ACC 2011 Industry Theater and explains the CardioHealth Station and other methods for identifying carotid plaque and thickness.


Dr. James Ehrlich comments on CardioHealth Station  in an interview



CardioHealth Station Software Demonstration


CardioHealth Station demonstration video



CardioHealth Station explained at Medica 2010


Dr. Matthew Budoff comments on imaging



Dr. Tasneem Naqvi comments on carotid imaging


Dr. Raimund Erbel comments on imaging



Dr. Steven Feinstein comments on imaging


Dr. Erling Falk comments on imaging



Dr. Paolo Raggi comments on imaging


Dr. Jack Pieniazek comments on how he uses the CardioHealth Station at his family practice.





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