Office-based CVD Risk Assessment










Traditional risk factors (cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.) cannot accurately identify who has asymptomatic atherosclerosis and needs intensive therapy.



Noninvasive ultrasound imaging of carotid artery is recommended to improve risk assessment particularly in those considered as borderline or “Intermediate Risk”. However, reproducible measurement of Carotid Intima Media Thickness (CIMT) is dependent on having a skilled vascular sonographer therefore cannot be done accurately in most physician offices.


Conventional CIMT measurement is a multi-step process that takes significant time and requires interpretation both of which increase cost.



CardioHealth® Station enables you to directly visualize subclinical atherosclerosis (increased wall thickness and hidden plaque in carotid arteries). Carotid ultrasound studies that include CIMT measurement and scanning for plaque have been shown in large, prospective clinical studies to improve CV risk classification.


CardioHealth® Station, with its simplified user interface, guided touch screen controls, and automated ultrasound features, enables virtually any medical professional to perform reproducible carotid scans in an office-based setting.




By automating and removing multiple steps typically required in CIMT measurement, CardioHealth® Station improves workflow.


Patient Compliance






Long-term compliance to physician orders for lifestyle modifications and drug therapy is often poor, especially in primary prevention.


Compliance increases once high risk individuals are shown a picture of their carotid IMT and plaque which is generated immediately by CardioHealth® Station.


"The Old"

Disconnected, Inefficient, High-cost Healthcare

"The New"

Ubiquitous, Integrated, Expandable Solution for

Personalized Preventive Medicine











High administrative costs

More time spent collecting info, less time with patients

Poor compliance with prescribed treatments

Patients lost to other practices

Seamless connectivity through Continua®

Impactful time with patients

"Seeing is Believing" - Showing your patients their arterial plaque may help to improve their adherence to therapies.

Distinguish your practice

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